Toronto Recycling

We had the pleasure of teaming up with the studio Giant Ant to help out on some TV spots and Prints for the City of Toronto. Giant Ant led the creative while we handled more of the 3D pipeline including cement and smoke simulations, lighting, shading, rendering and some character and environment modelling.


Client: City of Toronto
Agency: Publicis Toronto
Producer: Teresa Toews
Art Direction & Design: Shawn Hight
Character Development: Shawn Hight, Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani
2D Pre-Viz Character Animation: Conor Whelan
3D Modelling: Shawn Hight, Nicholas Ferreira, Matt James, Swivet Studio
Rigging: Nicholas Ferreira, Shawn Hight
3D Animation: Shawn Hight, Nicholas Ferreira, Conor Whelan, Swivet Studio
Particle FX: Swivit Studio
Lighting: Matt James, Swivet Studio.
Texturing: Matt James, Shawn Hight, Swivet Studio
Compositing: Shawn Hight, Matt James, Swivet Studio