Dubai International Financial Centre: 10 Year anniversary

Swivet Studio was commissioned by Resolution Independent to help out with a series of animations for the 10 year anniversary celebrating the success with the Dubai International Financial Centre. Swivet Studio produced a total of 7 animations that were projected onto the building. Animations were first setup in the 3D software to and be physically accurate in dimensions to the building. This includes extruding the front of the building so the 3D content was housed inside of the building rather than sitting flat on the front. Animations were outputted in 4K to handle the large scale of the building.

Please note that Swivet Studio did not produce all animation in the live action video. For full animation list by Swivet, view the content below.


Production: Resolution Independent 
Animation: Swivet Studio
Live action by: BKP

Music: Matt Faddy