Remembering the past 2050-c.1950

Period: 2050-c1950
Location: Gallery - Humans - Sport

This is an abstract representation of the future where humans no longer exist and AI have taken their place. Although their maker no longer exists, they still follow in their creators programming and adopting their way of living. This includes galleries dedicated to history and 'remembering the past'. But no matter how many ways the AI have succeeded the human race, they will never attain certain attributes of their creator.


Produced by Dean Giffin for personal exploration with time and space and the interplay between 3D animation and live action.
Footage remixed from:
Kenny Dobbs Slam Dunk Champion - Windmill in Slow Motion
Audio: Gesaffelstein – Obsession (remixed by Dean Giffin)
This piece is for non commercial use.